(Student Training Entrepreneur Program with Unlimited Potential)

2017 CohortTimothy & Pamela Coffey are proud to introduce the Crystal Dreams Foundation S.T.E.P.U.P. (Student Training Entrepreneur Program with Unlimited Potential) Educational Program. Last year, a small group of High School students were selected to participate in this 4-week program.

The first module of the program involved an instructor teaching the students important entrepreneur terms, and practices used by successful small business owners. The participants also learned important life skills such as:

– how to dress for success
– essential interview techniques
– how to write a professional resumé

– how to open a checking account and balance a checkbook
– how to create a budget and manage their finances

In the second module of the program, the students spent two to three hours per day working in local businesses with the owners who volunteered their time teaching students about their business, and also put them ‘to work’. Each high school student participant was paid minimum wage and received a weekly paycheck every Friday.

In 2018, The Crystal Dreams Foundation will celebrate its 18th year of making a difference in the education of underserved youth through its scholarship fund and educational programs. If you’d like to find out more about S.T.E.P.U.P., please contact us today!

Through hands-on learning, S.T.E.P.U.P. participants gain practical business knowledge and learn entrepreneurial excellence from successful businesses and organizations in our local community. Our goal is to provide our scholars the skills and confidence needed to “step up” and shine in all aspects of their lives!

H.E.L.P. Animal Shelter (Richmond, IN)

S.T.E.P.U.P. students visited the H.E.L.P. Animal Shelter to learn about this great organization and the volunteering opportunities they offer. H.E.L.P. Animal Shelter depends on volunteers to help feed, walk, and bathe the animals until a home is found for them. Students learned the significance of giving back to the community and how rewarding this can feel.

Coder Class

Aaron and Gabe were given an opportunity through the Innovation Center to lead a coding class for area students. While in high school, both gained experience and a passion for technology and were thrilled to be able to apply their knowledge in leading the Coder Dojo class at the Innovation Center. We are excited to report that they were asked to continue to lead this class once every month – with compensation!

International College of Broadcasting (Dayton, OH)

Students traveled East to Dayton, Ohio for a college visit to the International College of Broadcasting. During this visit, students learned about various career opportunities related to degrees offered in the broadcasting field. Students witnessed classrooms with hands on learning in the Auto, Engineering to Multimedia Production. The information gained during this visit helped students understand how technology is shaping this industry.  

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